Healthy cocktails with a kick.. Alcohol!

what we do

Here at Vits+Kicks we combine health & hedonistic pleasure with a range of fresh centrifugal fruit & vegetable juiced cocktails with a kick... Alcohol! No added sugars or sweeteners, just earth’s natural ingredients and alcohol shaken or blended up into micronutrient enriched ‘healthy’ cocktails.

If you’re more about the ‘vits’ and less about the ‘kicks’, you can quench your nutritional thirst with our selection of fresh juice & smoothie mocktail blends and sport recovery inspired, superfood enriched protein smoothies.

All dairy free & vegan friendly.


 Mobile bar hire

Bring your event to life in ‘healthy’ style with our bespoke mobile bar hire service. Tailor your healthy hedonistic thirst quenchers from our range of alcohol & micronutrient enriched cocktails, fresh juice & smoothie mocktail blends and a selection of superfood enriched protein smoothies.

With fifteen years experience running prestigious bar & event operations, our team of skilled mixologists come complete with an additional tailored selection of premium spirits & mixers, beers, wine, Champagne and classic cocktail favourites.

Events - Private Parties - Weddings - Festivals - Corporate Bookings - Brand Activations


  strength & recovery bar


Working in collaboration with London’s leading fitness studios, our Strength & Recovery Bar creations are designed to deliciously optimize your pre & post workout fuel and recovery.

Rich in essential vitamins & minerals and stacked full of healthy strength building macronutrients, our superfood enriched protein smoothies, signature hot drinks and fresh juice combinations, all come mixed from a selection of dairy free milks & liquids and fueled with flavored vegan proteins.

Delicious and Nutritious.

You can find our Strength & Recovery Bar locations @

Reach Fitness London, Clapham, SW4 6DH

Studio Lagree, White City, W12 7FQ


life in balance

‘‘Creating memorable drinks is our primary objective. They just happen to packed full of the good stuff… and occasionally the naughty stuff!’’